Who we are?

Nitro-Hosting is a web-game hosting and cloud partner for small and medium-sized businesses. We are experts on selling game-servers and offer a portfolio of solutions for the digital space.

As the smallest hosting company in Europe, we manage more than 100 customer contracts and host over 10 Virtual Private Server's in our own regional data centers in Europe.


Control Panel

New features, flexibility and easy to use.

Easy management panel
Ddos Protection
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Supporting games:
Low Ping
99.9% Money back Guarantee
Get ready in seconds

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Firewalls and network hardware are deticated for your security.


Is easy to edit, save all your work and uploads what you want to your game respository.

Backup System

In order to save your old work, now is possible to backup all of your files!

Real-time GameStats

Control players stats and server prosperity, including server rank and banners!

Great UI Interface

Easy to use and manage all resources that are given to you, with new features and flexibility. All what a gamer and client wants.

Hardware Features

Hardware is our combination depending on games you

Our servers use a quad core and octa threads Intel i9-9900K 4GHz or newer processor for the best performance.
32GB ECC DDR4 2133 MHz no anymore error with ram while playing, it keeps going as your game, and also a high performance.
SoftRAID 2x480GB SSD are included for every instances, a more security in the way of save and backup systems.
Linux is the most used system of game servers, configured for performance and security.
Windows is an operating system that supports games, especially for them wich needs high service.

Network Features

Network is what makes us happy while playing with no lag and stuck.

We offer 1Gbps Uplink dedicated for high performance and for big data sharing while communicating with server.
DDoS protect is included with 99.99% that is under monitoring incoming and outgoing traffic.
Each instance has an unlimited bandwidth and dedicated link for incoming and outgoing traffic.
Supported 24/7/365 for every problem that you may have, also available helping to build a good infrastructure.
Infrastructure of the network works like a cdn, in every country you will have low ping and high tickrate.

Server Install

It's easy to install your server, you just have to choose for the best country that has lower ping from your way home.

Pricing plans

Starter Plan

• 12 / slot
• Low Ping
• Support 24/7
• WebFTP
• Control Panel(advanced options)
• DDos Protection

1.99€ /per month

Lite Plan

• 16 / slot
• Low Ping
• Support 24/7
• WebFTP
• Control Panel(advanced options)
• DDos Protection

2.99€ /per month

Professional Plan

• 24 / slot
• Low Ping
• Support 24/7
• WebFTP
• Control Panel(advanced options)
• DDos Protection

3.99€ /per month

Enterprise Plan

• 32 / slot
• Low Ping
• Support 24/7
• WebFTP
• Control Panel(advanced options)
• DDos Protection
You'll get an extra 16 slot :)

4.99€ /per month

Meet Our Team

A perfect blend of creativity and technical wizardry.
The best people formula for great websites!

Leutrim Demiri
Leutrim Demiri

CO-Founder & Full-stack engineer

Team 1

Ndriqim Beqiri

CEO Founder & Software Engineer/DevOps

Team 1

Urim Beqiraj

CEO Founder & Software Engineer/DevOps

Team 1

Ardit Fazliu

Technical Support

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